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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Things To Be Aware Of

Dual diagnosis is usually used for individuals who are having problems from both substance abuse and mental illness. At times, it is referred to as COD which is the acronym for co-occurring disorders. COD are common for mentally ill patients who have suffered from substance abuse. Drug abusers also tend to suffer from COD since that abuse can lead to being mentally ill in the long run. COD is also something that’s common among millions of Americans. In addition to that, the dual diagnosis treatment is only received by a small percentage of the patients.

Statistics have concluded that mental illness and drug abuse tend to go hand in hand. That’s also why those who are suffering from COD needs dual diagnosis treatment. However, there are challenges when it comes to dual diagnosis treatment. COD patients tend to have issues when it comes to the state of their psychology. Identifying the patient’s pre-existing mental problems can be difficult if they are already suffering from substance abuse.

Needless to say, treating the drug abuse problem only is not something that will always help the mental problem or issue. The patient can also go into a relapse if the focus was solely one treating the mental illness. Also, due to the absence of dual diagnosis treatment, a lot of patients in rehab centers are experiencing relapse. Having that said, the patients also deteriorate by the day if they don’t receive the dual diagnosis treatment.

Making full recovery means that the patients must receive the necessary and essential dual diagnosis treatment that they need. You should also keep in mind that there are specific centers that can provide the proper dual diagnosis treatment. Having that said, you’ll want to find the right center if you want your loved to receive proper treatment.
You can also compare the dual diagnosis treatment to the seemingly eternal question about the precedence of the chicken and the egg.

Half of the problem with treating COD is knowing which problem took the first place and which one came after. Most of the time, anxiety and depression can go hand in hand, and that’s also when the substance abuse comes in. Of course, mental problems turn from bad to whack if fueled by substance abuse.
Drugs and alcohol abuse usually ties up with the patient’s mental problems.

To top that off, alcohol and drugs won’t be able to fix someone’s depression or anxiety.
That’s also the reason why a lot of people are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Having the right treatment for the COD patient can be difficult due to their circumstances.

Making a patient realize that their alcohol and drugs aren’t doing anything to make them better is easier said than done. In order for them to get better, their body and mind must be ready to have the dual diagnosis treatment. With the help of that treatment, a COD patient will have a chance at a better life.

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