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Essential Characteristics of a Ketogenic Lifestyle

You will be happy when you do not have medical conditions. Sickness usually brings stress. Diseases are caused by a number of things. Some ailments are hereditary. You can also get sick depending on how you live. You should therefore take precautions to ensure you do not get sick. Below are vital aspects of ketosis.

Ketosis is a known to be a metabolic state where your body tissues have high levels of ketone bodies. Your body energy will be coming from ketones. If you are not under ketosis, energy is produced in a process called glycolysis. The liver works on ethanol without using glucose when your body is under ketosis. The main ketones are acetoacetate and hydroxybutyrate. Two major substances, insulin and glucagon, are responsible for the right amount of ketone bodies in your body tissues.

You can have ketones in your body tissues by doing a number of things. When you do not eat, your body produces ketones. You will have a minor ketosis state if you fast for a short period. Your body will use all the glucose stored in your body tissues if you do not eat. After blood glucose is used up, chemical reactions in the body lead to the production of ketones. This is a bodies defense mechanism during starvation so that your body gets energy and you do not lose too much weight.

Ketosis state can also be achieved when you adopt a ketogenic diet. It is good for you to know that keto foods have high fat contents. If you eat keto foods, body tissues work on fats but not carbohydrates. You need to know that when you eat a normal diet, carbohydrates are the ones that are converted to glucose. In the absence of glucose, ketone bodies are the ones to provide energy.

Ketosis has a number of benefits. If you are overweight, you can try keto foods if all other measures have failed. You will lose extra kilos since the fats in the body are burned to provide energy. If you have epilepsy, then the ketosis is good for you. You should be aware of the fact that ketone bodies lead to reduced epileptic seizures. You should also know that ketosis prevent the growth of bad tumors in body tissues. Ketosis is also beneficial in preventing metabolic defects.

You also have to be aware of the negative effects of ketosis. You will feel light headed since your blood sugar is low. You are likely to suffer from digestion problems. You can suffer from uncontrolled diabetes.

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